Student scandal

Nota: Some people may find this posting as offensive or rubbish. But, this is the fact! Malaysian teenagers are too much exposed to XXX thing nowadays. Public universities are also having this kind of scandals. Not only between the students. But between students and lecturers as well (refer UiTM student’ case as one of the problem.

Yet Another Sex Video Scandal – Malaysia Sunway College Students?

It’s like the Malaysians have suddenly discovered my blog and are now flooding my inbox with emails about other sex scandals in Malaysia.

Here’s another scandal – 2 Sunway College students in Kuala Lumpur filmed their own home sex video. And somehow it got out into the wild. The email alleges they were both expelled shortly thereafter. There are also links to the girl’s friendster account but I am not going to post it.

No wonder Malaysia doesn’t have a fertility problem like Singapore – everybody’s too busy screwing around from age 16 – 65 years.


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