Would Bakti return Balkis money to Selangor?


Speculating into the Mirror

One of the peculiarities of human beings that I have found in my experience is that they often expect other people to behave in the way they themselves would in a particular situation. I often get people telling me that if they were in the position I was in for 22 years they’d ‘sapu’ everything and really enjoy life, and can’t believe that I walk around like a normal person. Likewise, people who are normally kind and generous also expect other people to be the same and are often disappointed.

So when I see people speculating about how ‘the other side’ will behave, to me it suggests that they expect that because that’s how they themselves would behave. Dr Khir Toyo’s statement is rather revealing: “There was some worry after Pakatan Rakyat won the state that the new government might remove some of the students from the list (of recipients) and the poor students would not be able to continue their studies,” Now why would he think that? Unless this is what he himself would do if he took over the state after being in opposition, no?

I’m sure the Balkis ladies did work hard for their various charities so I can understand having some attachment to money they raised. However they obviously were under the impression that they would be there forever. But it’s the speculation about what other people will do with it that gets me. What does it matter if it is going to go to a good cause anyway? Besides, being out of office should not stop anyone from doing good works, should it?

Maybe the way out of the impasse is to turn to BAKTI, the Association of Ministers’ Wives, headed by Datin Seri Jeanne Abdullah. If they now have Balkis’ money, then they should return it to Selangor and simply say that they hope it will be used to continue support for the charities and the underprivileged that previously benefited from it. End of silly story.

from: http://rantingsbymm.blogspot.com/2008/04/speculating-into-mirror.html


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