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Certain people nowadays talk about something that they claim themselves to be attached to it while at the same time going against it. It sounds confusing but perhaps, could be an act of escapism by establishing an exceptional case.

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The Malaysian Dog-loving Lesbian Muslim  says:

Though I never miss fasting and paying Zakat (the Muslim tithe), avoid pork, drinking alcohol, smoking and using drugs, I pray sporadically as opposed to five times a day, own a dog with my girlfriend and am open about my homosexuality.

Does being a dog-loving lesbian make me any less of a Muslim?

I try to be a conscientious employee, a devoted and loyal girlfriend, a filial daughter (that’s Confucianism, isn’t it?) and a caring friend. I contribute to society by volunteering and donating every month, educate myself and educate others on what I know best, organize and take part in participatory sports, pay taxes, recycle and abide by communal and governmental laws.

I am sure my apostate friend is as equally devoted at being an exemplary citizen in her community.

When I was coming out as a lesbian almost a decade ago, the conflict between my lifestyle choice and my religion seemed irreconcilable.

Can I be who I am and still keep my religion?


Nur, a muslim, commented:

First of all, I think this an article worth reading to understand the differences and the similarities humans have. You and me, we’re both muslims. But you’re a lesbian, and i’m not.

However, back to how Muslim a person is..

We can claim to be following whatever religion we want. I wouldn’t say somebody is a non-muslim when he/she claims she is.

But in the end, it is God who decides whether we are His followers or not.

Here’s a thought though-
Islam – a way of life, not just a belief.
Muslim – a person who lives the Islamic way of life.

We can all claim to be Muslims. But if we are not living life as the Quran has told us, on what basis can we claim we are Muslims?

It’s like this.
If I say I’m a vegetarian, that means I only eat vegetables.

There is no such thing as “I’m a vegetarian but I eat meat”

Same goes for being a Muslim. You’re either one, or you’re not. There is no such thing as a Muslim happily and openly confessing practising something that is clearly against what the religion preaches. Again, Islam is not just a belief in the one God. It is a way of life.

Why do I say Islam is a way of life? Because if we really have faith in God, then we would have faith in what He tells us to do and not do because we believe that He knows what is best for us. How can we claim that we believe in God but then reject His teachings? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

But anyhow, whether someone’s a Muslim or not, that’s not for me or anyone else to decide. we all have sins. In the end, it is only God that can judge us based on our intentions and our actions.

Whichever way it is, I pray that we are all guided to the path that will lead us to be recognised as a Muslim in front of Allah – not a Muslim self-proclaimed.

Lee, a christian, added:

I agree with Nur’s comment wholeheartedly though I am a Christian as many of the statements she made applies to my religion as well. I don’t mean to be judgemental but I really dun think it’s possible to embrace both homosexuality and your religion if your religion is against homosexuality. It’s like telling someone that you are embracing 2 conflicting philosophies. It’s like the breed of christians in US who openly declare that it’s ok to be gay and christian at the same time and have now set up a gay church and have chosen to ignore the part of the bible that clearly states that God is against homosexuality.

The point I’m making is that if you really want to embrace something, then it should be done wholeheartedly….not by accepting some parts of it and discarding those you don’t fancy. I just feel that to do that, you aren’t really being honest to yourself. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how much of it you discard.

look. listen. ponder.



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    سینا said,

    I love all lesbian women. two lovers women is like as two flower.

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