Extreme Savers Share Their Secrets

Lynn Tostado is almost embarrassed about her hobby: “Saving money is, well, a passion of mine,” she says. “I’ve always kept my eyes out for creative ways to stretch a dollar.”

The Dover, N.H., accounting manager had a compelling reason to practice thrift. She spent a decade at home raising her four kids. Then she and her husband put three of them through college simultaneously.

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“I really had to watch our pennies,” she says.

These days, as the cost of food and gas skyrockets, credit becomes more difficult to get and consumer confidence reaches an all-time low, saving has become a must. Tostado’s years of experience as a passionate saver stand her in good stead. She’s hardly alone. There’s a whole group of people who are passionate about saving without living a Spartan life.

Call them “uber savers.”

Finding Ways to Save

1. Saving on Retail
2. Groceries
3. Automobiles
4. Giving
5. Commuting & housing
6. Phone services & other necessities
7. Travel


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