"Aku Terima Nikahnya" – a hacker’s version

Few days ago I wrote a comment on the synopsis of the saifulislam’s book “Aku Terima Nikahnya”. Today, I came across the hacker’s version of wedding proposal. It seems that sometimes a person worked hard, through his own way, to tie the knots. Kudos, anyway.

From matching gems to the perfect match
Hacker proposes to girlfriend
via casual puzzle game Bejeweled.
By Mike Smith

A hacker’s
romantic gesture
You’re probably accustomed to seeing big-screen proposals at
ball games, in crowded restaurants, and scrawled across the sky by aircraft. But
popping the question by hiding a message in your intended’s favorite computer game is rather more unusual.

However, for computer programmer Bernie Peng, it obviously seemed like
the perfect idea. He spent a month reprogramming his girlfriend Tammy Liu’s
favorite video game, gem-matching hit Bejeweled, so that it would display the
all-important message when she reached a certain score. As Peng told Newark’s
Star-Ledger: “I thought it was pretty cool, in a nerdy way.”


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