Ideals of marriage and family life

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Like a lot of other people, being a student activist profoundly influenced me and who I am today. Not surprisingly, this includes my marriage and family life.

I am touched by the synopsis of saifulislam’s “Aku Terima Nikahnya”. This reminds me of a decade-ago comment from my brother-in-law who is also a political activist in my hometown.

When you are a bachelor, you are like a bull dozer that ramps into any bush without much thinking. Once you get married, the path now turns into a road with traffic lights.

I’ve enjoyed my bachelor years as a business executive, educator and political/ngo-activist. And now, i am learning to live with a greater responsibility.

Life is meaningful if one have a purpose. It’s even more enjoyable if the purpose is to submit to the creator rather than fullfilling one’s desire.

look. listen. ponder.



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