AlWahy portal

Alwahy is the perfect site for all the Muslims around the world to unite and form the first online Muslim community. exists to allow Muslims to follow their dreams by sharing and expressing their values and beliefs.

As our member you will be able to express yourself to a worldwide audience Muslims and non-Muslims by creating content and building a network of friends who share your aspirations and dreams. is the only Islamic portal site that gives you the facility to upload and share your videos and audios where it is easily downloadable by members and visitors. humbly invites you to share in creating a positive environment for people everywhere to connect and share.

Now you can register and become part of Alwahy but registering to our Email Service, Entertainment Service, Messenger Service, and by using our search Engine Service.

Alwahy proudly launched this site at the beginning of Ramadan 2007 and has been successfully running by your support and du’a.

It is a historical fact that, for centuries, the Muslim Ummah has been in a state of continual decline, primarily due to its being distant from Allah and His Messenger, directly resulting in the yearning for the Hereafter being replaced with the love for the lowly life of this world and its glitter. Ignorance about the message of the Qur’an in the light of authentic teachings of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, has been one of the main causes for the appearance of discord amongst the Muslim ranks.

Ambiguity about the Islamic creed amongst Muslims, leaving them powerless in the face of the onslaught of the colonialists and the orientalists, has lead to the distortion of many Islamic beliefs and concepts that the early Muslims were nurtured upon, due to which Allah blessed them with victory and honour in this world, and secured for them their stations in Paradise in the Hereafter.

By the turn of the 20th Century, the Muslims had reached such a pitiful state that their ignorance of the religion caused them to adopt other false man-made ideologies from the west, such as secularism and nationalism, thinking thereby hoping to follow them in their material advancements in order to become ‘progressive Muslims’. As expected, it only increased them in their submission and subservience to the disbelieving ‘international community’ and the laws they hypocritically make and break.

In spite of these bleak realities, this Ummah has been, and will always be a victorious Ummah, as long as there is a band of men from among their ranks holding fast to the Book and the Sunnah, striving and struggling solely in the cause of Allah.

We hope you would join us to help and support to make our site a success and widely known throughout the Muslim Ummah by being part of the Ummah.


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