The return of DV1000

It has been 2 weeks since my HP Laptop, codenamed DV1000, put to a rest.

The screen went dimmed. Too dim that image can hardly be seen.
After talking to the HP support staff who is very helpful, I came to know that this is either caused by the inverter or the screen itself.

The person suggested me to go to HP Center at Damansara.

Worrying about the high cost, I delayed the visit.

Fortunately, during my business trip to Low Yatt Plaza, I came across a Laptop Repair Shop who is willing to heal my laptop, at much lower cost, they said.

A good deal, I think, the inverter cost + labor = RM350.

And now, DV1000 is back into action!

and to those laptop guys, make sure you bookmark this, as there is no guarantee, tomorrow, or day after, your laptop may fade to black as well. 😀

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