Takaful Ikhlas

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Islam does not object to insurance per se. Nevertheless, as conventional insurance involves the elements of Gharar (uncertainty), Maisir (gambling) and Riba (interest) in the insurance contract, it contravenes Shariah principles.

Which is why Takaful seeks to bridge the areas deemed objectionable by the Shariah for the benefit of society. This allows a Muslim to have an alternative form of protection against the risk of loss due to misfortunes.

In line with international and local developments in the practice of Islamic financial protection services, Takaful IKHLAS has adopted the Wakalah system and has modelled our operations accordingly. Wakalah is a form of representative relationship between Takaful IKHLAS and a participant (Principal/Customer).

Takaful IKHLAS employs the following contracts to govern our business:
• Tabarru’ contract where the participant agrees to donate a pre-determined percentage of contribution to the fund to provide assistance to fellow participants.
• Al-Wakalah contract where the participant authorises Takaful IKHLAS to conduct the affairs of the Risk and Special Fund on his/her behalf.

Takaful IKHLAS Model allows the use of intermediaries as a medium to better serve the customers’ needs, payment of
surpluses and profits, where applicable to participants and calculation of shared benefits on a monthly basis.

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